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Busy do Anglii - Przewozy osobowe

                                               Anglia, Niemcy, Holandia, Belgia 

Professional travel services

Speed Bus offers a variety of international travel services. Thanks to us you will experience a safe and comfortable journey. We will help you to get to your destination in Germany, Belgium, Holland and England from central and southern Poland. We organize domestic travels within Poland and aforementioned countries.

fleet of vehicles

We have modern, comfortable and above all, safe coaches. Our vehicles have frequent technical check-ups.

A comfortable

We are taking care about your comfort during every travel. Our coaches are equipped with TV/DVD sets. Each vehicle has air-conditioning and central heating system. Folded seats will provide you with more comfort and relaxation. While travelling, you can admire the view through our vehicles panoramic windscreens. Additionally, we have CD and MP3 sound system on board.


You safety is extremely important to us. Each vehicle has ABS and ASR system, together with ADAPTIWE ESP, so the wheels will not go into a skid. Your safety is also guaranteed by digital tachographs and GPS system installed on every vehicle.

Our offer

We offer a variety of travel services, including organized domestic or international group travels.

Our offer includes the following:

- regular travel services from Poland to England,

- transport to a specific location in England,

- international tours,

- transport to employees training facilities,

- transport of groups of people to cultural events, for example weddings,

- transport of groups to job fairs and domestic or international exhibitions,

- youth and children tours (domestic and international).


We offer special discounts and attractive prices for our existing clients. We are cooperating with companies as well as individual clients. We treat each client independently as everyone has different needs. We provide assistance and advice on specific international travels and removals.  

Seat reservation

In order to meet our clients needs and help to save their time we have created online booking system. Using our website you can book your journey in advance. After filling in an online form you will get a confirmation email or sms. If you have any problems you will get a call from our representative who will assist you in choosing the right offer for you.


Travel services to Poland from England

We offer travel services on regular routes. Our coaches depart to England, Holland, Germany and Belgium on regular basis, on fixed date and time, several times a week. We also offer group transportation after making the right arrangements with our representative.


Due to our constant development, we broaden our travel offer all the time. And because England is the most popular country among clients we are adding new connections and services all the time.

Professional service

 With us you will be treated with full professionalism. Our travel services are characterised by safety and comfort. We have the best logistics staff and highly professional drivers. They have great experience and know their routes. In case of unforeseen events they are able to change the route and take you to your destination as fast and safe as possible.


Speed Bus offers travel services to England, Germany, Holland and Belgium on regular basis. We are departing from central and southern Poland, mostly in the evening so that passengers can sleep during the journey. You will have a comfortable trip as we provide hot drinks an a meal during the service. You don't have to worry about details. We will pick you up from prearranged spot and take you straight to your destination. We have a lot of space for your luggage so you don't have to leave anything behind.

Organized travels

We offer safe and comfortable journey. Our drivers guarantee safety and on-time arrivals. Our modern and comfortable coaches will make you feel relaxed and calm. You will experience great fun travelling on our group tours, even before you'll get to your destination. We will keep you up to date with all the information, especially about the time of travel and estimated time of arrival. You will receive all the details via email or sms.


Your luggage must be packed, fastened and locked safely and securely, in order to protect it from damage or interference. All luggage given to us should be labelled clearly and appropriately, and include a full name and a contact telephone number where possible. Should you carry an oversized luggage please inform about that while making reservation.

Powrót do Polski

Powrotne przewozy z Angli do Polski .

Organizujemy również powroty z krajów europejskich do Polski. Przewóz osób z zagranicy do Polski organizowany jest w taki sam sposób. Dla osób realizujących przejazdy w dwie strony przewidujemy rabaty. Bukowanie miejsc również możliwa jest za pośrednictwem naszej strony internetowej.

Return trips to Poland

We are organizing return trips to Poland from aforementioned countries. Return ticket are always cheaper. Booking is available online via our website.

Why speedbus.pl ?

Why to travel with us?Choose us! 

Here are just few reasons why: 

We are professionals 

We have modern and comfortable vehicles 

our fleet of vehicles undergoes regular technical check-ups 

GPS systems are installed on every coach  

our drivers have great experience 

we hold professional certificates and licences 

 our vehicles are adjust to passenger and luggage transport 

our routes are perfectly selected 

our vehicles are safe technical inspection of vehicles is always valid drivers hold all needed travel documentation 

we are always on time 

we inform our clients about every change of arrangements 

 we offer a variety of services we offer international travel services booking is available online 

we offer advice and help in every situation 

our logistic staff plans every route to be as short and comfortable as possible 

we are constantly developing 

our fleet of vehicles 

we offer return trips to Poland 

we operate within Poland 

we have attractive prices 

we transport excess luggage 

we cooperate with companies and individual clients 

we pass all the inspections perfectly 

we have great training programmes for our employees 

we are up to date on procedures and law regulations 

our client is the most important

  Thousands of satisfied clients have used our services. Many of them are our regular clients and keep recommending us further. They are our brand. We guarantee safe and comfortable journey with pleasant and professional staff. We are in the travel industry for many years and offer you our experience! Choose our offer and stay with us for long years!